International conference at Freie Universität Berlin

Ancient West Asian Seals and Sealings:
Ongoing Projects, Current Research, Digital Practice

Date: July 24-26, 2023
Conference venue: Topoi Building Dahlem, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin
Participants include: Z. Awad, D. Bonatz, V. Boschloos, J. Dahl, K. de Graef, E. Devecchi, A. Lassen, E. Knott, A. di Ludovico, D. di Paolo, A. Dietz, Z. Földi, T. Ftaimi, H. Gries, H. Mara, R. Mayr, Z. Niederrreiter, A. Otto, C. Paladre, D. Stein, A. Thomas, O. Topçuoğlu, M. Trognitz, Ch. Uehlinger.
Organization and contact: E. Roßberger and the ACAWAI-CS team at FU Berlin.

Preliminary Program

Monday, 24.07.2023
13:30                   Conference starts, greetings
13:45                   Session 1: Ongoing projects 1
15:45                   Session 2: Ongoing projects 2

Tuesday, 25.07.2023
9:00                    Session 3: Current research 1
11:00                   Session 4: Current research 2
14:30                  Session 5: Current research 3
16:30                  Session 6: Current research 4

Wednesday, 26.07.2023
9:00                    Session 7: Critical issues and digital strategies
11:00                   Session 8: Digital Strategies from related fields
13:30                   Roundtable discussion
15:00                   Conference ends

Seal impression on clay fragment from Ur.
Photo: A. Otto; graphic rendering: A. Dietz.


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